Linea Angel Ariel Srl has been founded in 1997 and today is recognized as Leader Company in natural therapy; particular effort has been expended in Aloe arborescens. 

The genus Aloe (Liliaceae) is a shrubby tropical/subtropical plant, which has succulent and elongate leaves. Aloe is well known in etnopharmacology and natural medicine. Among the 300 Aloe species known, Aloe arborescens has been choosen for its high concentration of active principle. Along this line, Linea Angel Ariel Srl has developed original standardized methods of extraction and final preparation (“Angel Ariel Method”, patent pending).


The quality control and the standardized condition of harvesting and preparation allow a correct level of anthraquinone and polysacchaide compounds, aminoacids, vitamins and minerals.

• All the preparation is manufactured in laboratories inside the Company according to good manufacturing practice.

• Wild or biologically - growed plants are selected.

• Wholesome seven years old Aloe arborescens leaves are selected. • Each leaf is manually washed and handled.

• The omogenate is obtained according to “Angel Ariel Method” at low temperature in its own laboratories.

• Microbiologic control is performed.

• Only natural excipients are added.

• Quality control of each excipient.

• Microbiologic and elemental control.



In addition to quality control, Linea Angel Ariel believes in Research. To this purpouse Linea Angel Ariel Srl has started joint-effort with private and public Research Centers. Biological activity of the preparations is studied. According to the literature, the biological effect of whole leaf omogenate and/or gel of Aloe arborescens “Angel Ariel Method” has been shown in “in vitro” model of cell proliferation and immunomodulation. Moreover all the “on the marked”-products are submitted to clinical trials focused on the evaluation of both compliance and consistency with allopathic drugs of the food supplements. More than 500 patients have been observed.   


Linea Angel Ariel srl produces six different food supplements and an oil-based preparation for external use of Aloe arborescens. More recently, Aloe arborescens according to “Angel Ariel Method” has been included in phytocosmetic preparations as follows:  

• face-care  

• body-care

• hair care

• sun care.

Both dietary supplements and cosmetics are distributed through pharmacy/selected herbal shops.